WHAT is health COACH Anyway?

As a certified Health Coach, I am making it my mission to help you to manifest the change that’s firmly rooted in your deepest desires underneath all the "I can't" obstacles manufactured by the mind. Instead of setting a resolution that sets you up to fail, or signing up for programs enticing you to change your body, I'm inviting you to work with me to change your mind first. No goal is too small or too big when you start from within. I work with a modern, solution focused, integrative and holistic approach to encourage enlightenment within you, help you tune into your inner guru, silence your nasty mind chatter and guide you along your journey to a healthy sexy happy you.


“It’s about empowering you to empower yourself”


Because the thing is beautiful - you already have everything you need to be the person I KNOW deep down under all that critical thinking, there’s a little fire and burning desire to do live a more fulfilling life. I’m not saying it’s all going to be sunshine and unicorns, but I am saying that I’ve got your back and I’m here to be your cheerleader, your collaborative partner, your guide on the side and loving hold you accountable while offering the support and resources needed to get you through even the biggest of small transformations.



Why work with me?

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Coach vs Google

Google - My biggest competitor, or shall I say ally? While I couldn't possibly keep up with information google has to offer, what I do have to compliment this eternal source is information is transformation tools. I'm here to help you take this information and actually integrate it into your life, while holding you accountable at the same time. Google away my love!

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Coach vs Nutritionist

A nutritionist will give you a list of things you and can and cannot eat then send you on your way. The thing is you already know you need to eat more greens, cut down the sugar and drink more water. I'm here to show you a fun and pleasurable roadmap on how to do this. Crowding out cravings and letting you learn intuitively what works truly for you.


Coach vs Counsellor

With therapy, there is no goals. There's no end in sight! With me, we have a six month program that has a start, a finish, and things to achieve within that time frame. We are forward thinking, behavourial changing cheerleaders empowering you move on in life with healthy new and sustainable habits.


By working with me You’ll be taking part in an interactive program where we actively work together to help you realise what truly works for you. I am fiercely dedicated to empowering my clients to make step-by-step changes to their food, thoughts and lifestyle so that they permanently reach their goals and do so in a way that’s enjoyable and easily integrated into their lives. Don't be fooled now, this is a long term solution, that requires commitment and determination. I don't have any band aids or "21 days to happiness" fad theories here.


excited? Me too! Here's The Plan...


OK, step #1: Schedule your first complimentary consultation session with me.

In this 45-minute confidential session (available in-person, or virtually in-person via Skype) you’ll have the undivided attention from someone who truly wants to help you be the best version of yourself and we will:

  • Start to Identify your health goals and what you’ve always imagined for your life.
  • Figure out what you truly want to accomplish long-term for yourself
  • Understand how you may be getting in your own way of reaching these goals.
  • Decipher a health coaching program that suits your needs to help you permanently reach your goals.


This session could very well be a turning point in your life. So if you are ready, I mean really ready, to activate your inner guru and start living your best life then I would be honoured to help you accomplish this. Drop me email or click below to lock in our very first get together.

NOTE: This session is for you only if you are serious about making some lasting and positive changes in your life. Remember, if it's not a full body YES, then it's a no (or maybe later) and that's just fine, trust yourself your timing and know that you can reach out when it's right for you.


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