OM - Orgasmic Meditation

I’ve tried all sorts of meditations — from mantra based meditation, to visualization, mindfulness and deep breathing. But up until a few hours ago, I had never tried orgasmic meditation (OM)...

Orgasmic Meditation is a consciousness practice you (are supposed to) do with another person. This is much like any other form of meditation, only instead of focusing on deep breathing or repeated mantras, OM is all about having someone—anyone—stroke your clitoris for 15 minutes, with no goal other than to feel sensation  

Now I have to admit, in true Laura Ellen style, I've bent the rules slightly and started this practice solo. This is purely because I'm at a point in my life where I'm seeking deeper intimacy with myself and don't feel ready to invite someone else into this space yet. (plus, I just don't want to ask a guy if he wants to OM with me on the first tinder date). I absolutely see the benefit of doing it with a partner and look forward to combining the power and attention of meditation with this deeply human, deeply felt, and connected experience.

"Orgasm fundamentally roots our capacity for connection, hormonally, emotionally and spiritually" ~ Nicole Daedone

I simply use a mediation timer on my phone called The Mindfulness App (it has amazing gong sounds), get myself cosy on the bed, and get stroking! It's amazing what can happen in 15 minutes. The different cycles my body goes through, how my body reacts to different stroke pressure, on all 7 of the different pleasure spots (yup SEVEN just in the teeny tiny area!). Mix it all in with some orgasmic heart breathing and some edging and I was deep in the zone. The best part is, there's no pressure for climax and the goal is to simple feel and experience what comes up for you.  

At certain stages I could literally feel copious amount oxytocin meeting every single cell in my body. Pleasure gently but ecstatically washed over me in waves and trickled down my arms, down my legs and out my fingers and toes. At one point I could feel my heart and throat open and all that juicy feel good energy was rushing to my chest and then being pumped through my veins. 

Afterwards, I felt euphoric. Like I was in a dream. 

The leaders of this OM movement is OneTaste  and their mission is to have people around the globe say "yoga, meditation and orgasm" in the same breath without any squirms or whispers on the latter. Sounds like my kind of party! Their tag line is "Create a healthier body. Increase your capacity for intimacy and sex. Develop a deeper connection with yourself" sold or sceptical? The alleged benefits of this practice are huge — and backed up by both science and people like Khloe Kardashian there are those out there who put this practice into the cult basket along with other organisations such as Landmark Forum and so on.

I feel there's enough taster information online for you to make up your own mind about that.  Here's a youtube clip to get your started (warning! Not for the faint hearted). 

While this technique may not be for everyone, I know I'm personally always looking for ways to explore and expand my pleasure and ind new ways to connect and with others. It is said that getting your OM on can incline people towards empathy, connection, and generosity. So why the hell not I say.

Love xx