Quitting Sugar (but for real this time)

Hello my lovely internet family,

I have a confession... I am completely and utterly addicted to sugar. I mean I am a full blown, can't live without it SUGAR ADDICT. Here's the thing, I'm a healthy gal, I eat my greens, I meditate and I move my booty, but when it comes to sugar I loose ALL control. "I'll just have one pice of chocolate" pffft - yeah right GF. My life long sugar addiction has contributed to my rollercoaster energy levels, foggy brain, depression, anxiety, thyroid dysfunction, whacky hormones, acne and candida over growth. It is time to put an end to this madness! And what better way than to announce it online to all of you beautiful people who can hold me accountable - Thank you by the way!

Has you tried doing this before? Because it's hard, I mean, sugar is in EVERYTHING. It's in our condiments, it's in our alternative milks and oh, by the way, have you seen how much sugar is in some of those commercial kombucha sodas? May as well have a can of coke with a probiotic babe. Not mention the amount of 'healthy sugars' out there, sometimes going into a health food store isn't all that healthy. Agave syrup (a popular alternative sweeter in the health industry) may have low GI but has the highest fructose of them all - Regular sugar is about 50% fructose, while Agave is about 70-90% fructose. Step away from the agave! When choosing sweet alternatives, always consider the fructose content and if you're consuming 'healthy sugars' like honey or coconut blossom nectar (whatever) do so in moderation, sugar is still sugar - refined or not. 


If you're wanting to cut down or cut out your sugar intake, what you're really trying to do here is reduce the fructose in your life because when fructose is consumed in high amounts it leads to... (insert list of chronic auto-immune and metabolic diseases here). 


From now on my grocery list will consist of low fructose fruits for smoothies  (berries, kiwi fruit and grapefruits) and I'll be using sweet vegetables like pumpkins, peas and beetroots to crowd out the cravings. The hard truth is, there's not point quitting sugar only to eat bananas all day long. I'm not saying bananas are the devil, I love bananas but again, only in moderation.

And then there's chocolate, I'm sure we can all agree that life wouldn't be worth living without chocolate. Thank goodness there is a whole world of sugar free - low fructose dessert ideas out there - I make a mean beetroot, berry chocolate cake and I swear it tastes good (watch this space). 


Wish me luck!