The First Step to Dietary Health

A new fab food I've adopted is Turmeric, or as I like to call it "nature's gold". Partly because I think it's funny but mostly because it has a vibrant yellowish / gold colour - see visual example above.

Great for digestional aid, great natural anti inflammatory (feeling bloated anyone?), great for overall gut health, great for glowing skin, great in curries, basically it's just generally really GREAT.

One way I'm incorporating a regular dose into my diet is by drinking hot golden milk. This cup I made with locally sourced, grass fed organic, raw milk, fresh turmeric and ginger, with cardamom and cinnamon to taste. I'd be lying if I said I didn't put anything sweet in there, Ive used honey in this case, but REAL honey. You know, the kind of honey that actually comes from bees and not the supermarket pot of sugar with a "honey" label on it. 


Stay tuned for more great ways to incorporate turmeric into your daily life!

Love your guts xx