Is your internal tormentor continuously punishing you and draining you of all your energy? NEVER FEAR! You can free yourself from your mind, it where true liberation is. We can, infact, do it right now.

Are you Ready?

When you listen to that voice, listen to it impartially. Acknowledge it, say hi it, give em a little wave. Your aware, that's the first step.

Don't judge yourself! Don't become aware and then give yourself a flogging for having bad thoughts, that's just the same tormentor coming in through the back door and whacking you on the head with a baseball bat. Be kind to yourself, it's totally normal to have these thoughts.

Start to realise that there is a voice, and there is you - listening to it, watching it. You and the voice are not one in the same. 

This I am realisation is creating a sense of your own presence. It arises beyond the mind, the ego, whatever you want to call it. Powerful isn't it? Keep practising. The realisation that your are not your thoughts. Can you feel the relief? 

A little mindfulness goes a long way...

HUG xxx