* Big sigh * You know, all this mindfulness business is hard work! Sometimes I feel like it's just me in my mindful army facing some kind of imperial force of samurai jedi knights led by Genghis Kahn. What does one do in this situation?!

It's like my mind is constantly being pulled away by past or future ninjas, and they haul my ass straight to torment town. For example, I'm sitting in a cafe sipping on a coconut with a gal pal, but actually, I'm not even there! I'm in imaginary land, frantically planning, organising and getting S T R E S S E D about something that isn't happening, or going to happen, or doesn't need to happen now or something that has happened and is no longer relevant. Hello cortisol and goodbye to any hope of digesting this beautiful coconut. 

But today a miracle happened. I noticed that I naturally, without even thinking about it became present... Poof! And then it happened again and again, and when I wandered off some kind of magical muscle power pulled me back into the now. Perfect timing too as I'm in this seriously beautiful place at the moment. THERE IS  A GOD!

Practising mindfulness is like going to the gym to build muscle. You gotta do the squats if you want that booty. And today, I finally started to see and the feel the rewards of my efforts. I think I'm getting a six pack. Watch out Genghis!

How's that for a transformational Tuesday.

HUG xx