I just had a lightbulb moment!

Do you have any area's in your life that are draining your soul,  dimming your light and bringing you down? I feel you, I did as well, oh boy did I ever! My personal story is not for now but instead, I want to share with you the simple shift in mindset that completely and absolutely changed my life - for the better.

You know what, suffering happens. It happens! And that is totally OK. More thank OK, I actually think it's AWESOME. Because being in 'suffering' can also, simultaneously mean that we are becoming AWARE of all those things that no longer make our hearts sing. And that awareness, my friend, is they AB-SO-LUTE key to ignition for the driving force that will launch you up and away from whatever dissatisfying place you may be in. Call it an awakening. An enlightenment. A quarter-life crisis - Whatever. 

No, it might not happen over night and it doesn't have to. But once we start to shed a light on what isn't working in our lives we can start to take the steps (baby or giant steps - doesn't matter!) to change them.

We have the power to let our 'suffering' completely smash our complacency into oblivion with a giant wrecking ball. It's just a matter flicking that switch and starting to look inward to see what's really pushing us over and what we can do to stand up again. Or maybe even stand up and start shaking it like back up dancer in a Beyonce video!

Too simple, right? Try it.

I can say with 100% confidence that I know, that YOU know,  that you are all kinds of A-MAZING. Even if that knowing is the smallest, weakest little flicker in the very depths of your tummy, it's there. So, let's start looking at our 'misfortunes' as fortunes because with no rain, their are NO flowers.

And I KNOW you like flowers.

HUG xx