Work hard play hard, pffft. What bollocks! Why do we think it's cool to constantly be pushing, doing, striving, going, achieving, forcing, PRETENDING. What is it about this on-the-go mentality makes us feel like we are worth something, part of something or doing 'enough'?

I have a question for you; how much do you really love being constantly "busy"? But really ask yourself this and don't listen to your mind, instead listen do your body and it's feeling responses. Close them eye lids if you have to!

Now, I invite you to try on this new mantra and see how it feels; Play hard, chill hard... Observe your body now... Anything different? When I first heard this from the friendly folk @foodmatters I instantly felt the world lift from my shoulders and I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. My abdomen relaxed, I breathed deeply, I felt playful and joyous and then a smile even grew on my face. My mind could have been throwing all sorts of resistance at me like "your just being lazy" "you'll never get anywhere" blah blah blah. But, body knows best and it's giving me a huge thumbs up to this one.

Real hustlers know how to rest, relax, restore, listen, look, love and enjoy life. Real hustlers define their own balance and know that there is opportunity in abundance. Real hustlers know you don't have to catch every wave to be a good surfer.

"BUT HOW?" you ask? Here are a couple of things I've done to help me transition out of business into blissfullness.

  • Create white space: The first step is to stop filling your agenda to brim with... stuff. When I first stared on this journey I would literally block a couple of hours here and there in my agenda and call them "white space". No plans, no 'should's' and no appointments. What happened in that time was completely left up how I was feeling in that moment. Let's be clear, having white space time doesn't mean you have sit at home and stare at a white wall. It's about creating space and time for yourself to relax, breath, and do something that really lights you up. The point is, in that moment you can ask yourself, what do I really need right now? Instead of bustling around doing what you think you should be doing. Wright a menu of things that really light you up from the inside, if you don't know, go out there and try some different activities. Maybe you're a salsa seductress and you don't even know it yet!


  • Sit with yourself: It ain't easy, I know! I used to squirm, get anxious and spiral out of control when I was alone. Constantly on my phone looking for attention or online scrolling mindless whatever's. Breath. Meditate. Observe your thoughts. Wright them down. If feelings come up... Be brave. Just sit with it and watch it pass over you like a cloud. Baby steps, and don't judge yourself if you struggle in the beginning. The fact your even reading this far down my article is amazing! You're awesome (HUG).


  • Unplug: Need I say more. Turn that thing off!


  • Learn to listen: Intuition strengthening is a key and integral part to unlocking your own unique super powers! Going against your intuition can build anxiety, resentment, and entertain all that negative self talk. Sometimes it's hard to not only hear what our intuition is telling us, but also listen to and trust it's advice. Especially when our mind are yelling something different to us. My intuition used to be a teeny tiny flickering flame, barely staying alight amidst the stormy weather of my mean mind. But, by practising mindfulness and meditation you can start to build a strong relationship to your inner compass. If in doubt; ask your body, not your mind.


  • Practise self love: Go out of your way to feel beautiful and sexy. Do whatever it takes. Commit to yourself! I talk a lot about self love on my Instagram but I also love Gala Darling and Melissa Ambrosini for more SL tips and tricks. 


Through all of this, the most important thing to remember is to be compassionate to yourself and remind yourself that it is a practise and it takes time. You don't go to the gym, do one squat and then POOF - Big booty.

I used to be rampant with the busy-bug. Constantly trying to fill myself up with quick fixes, distracting myself and feeling lost because I had no connection to myself. I now fiercely LOVE my own company and relish in quality me-time. Of course, I also love the company of others but the difference now being that when I'm with others I can be really present and fully show up. I'm there because I really want to be, not because I should be. Now when I'm making decisions I can hear what my intuition is saying and trust that that's truly right for me. This "life force" or what-have-you has guided me to all sorts of new levels in my life, not just personally but professionally, financially, and romantically. Get on board the intuition train because it's seriously, the best. I'm so much more relaxed, rested and calm, which then projects into my daily life and performance. It's a win-win-win-win-win scenario. 

So keep it real lovers and press delete on that busy button once and for all.


Peace, love, light, blessings and all that warm fuzzy stuff xx

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