What's the best thing about studying online? Choosing my classroom! And today I'm going to be sipping tea and writing notes in this BEAUT space - hello GRATITUDE!

We are starting to delve into some amazing topics in my course and I'm bursting at the seams with inspiration. My first point of mention is about acknowledging a different approach to health. I can honestly say from experience that the first step to wellness is to stop listening to external, societal expectations on what we SHOULD be doing and start and listening to ourselves to discover what it is we WANT to be doing. Guys, we need to de-hypnotise! Reconnecting with ourselves and going inwards is the key because only from there can the real juicy transformational stuff take place. . Which is EXACTLY what I'm all about.

I'm not going to sit you down and tell you what to eat for breakfast, nor am I going to suggest you do Bear Grylls bootcamp three times a week (unless, of course, you want to and in that case - AWESOME). It's about empowering you to discover what foods work with your bio individuality, what gets you excited to move your body aka 'work out', what spirituality practise warms your soul and what career is going to make your heart sing. You already know it anyway it's just a matter of learning to listen.

As one of my new mentors, Joshua Rosenthal put's it - "It's about helping you figure out for yourself how to get well, by yourself".