Guys, I have an announcement... It's officially official, I am becoming a health coach! A qualified and certified integrative nutrition & mental health coach to be exact. Go Figure.

The way we view and treat our mental health is OLD SCHOOL. There is still serious stigma around mental illness and open awareness is minimal in a society that is RIFE with it. Mental disease = physical disease, we all know the two of them are like besties.

From now forth, I am going to explore, experience and share everything to do with holistic wellbeing. Not only will I have my qualification but I am making it my mission to travel and learn from the west side as well as the east side (especially the east side), and get alllll up in that mind-body-soul stuff.

I am fiercly passionate and my long-term goal is to help raise awareness, marry nutritional and mental wellness and change the way that we look at 'health'.

School starts Monday and we all know what that means... NEW STATIONARY.

Love ya'll xx