What's the best thing about studying online? Choosing my classroom! And today I'm going to be sipping tea and writing notes in this BEAUT space - hello GRATITUDE!

We are starting to delve into some amazing topics in my course and I'm bursting at the seams with inspiration. My first point of mention is about acknowledging a different approach to health. I can honestly say from experience that the first step to wellness is to stop listening to external, societal expectations on what we SHOULD be doing and start and listening to ourselves to discover what it is we WANT to be doing. Guys, we need to de-hypnotise! Reconnecting with ourselves and going inwards is the key because only from there can the real juicy transformational stuff take place. . Which is EXACTLY what I'm all about.

I'm not going to sit you down and tell you what to eat for breakfast, nor am I going to suggest you do Bear Grylls bootcamp three times a week (unless, of course, you want to and in that case - AWESOME). It's about empowering you to discover what foods work with your bio individuality, what gets you excited to move your body aka 'work out', what spirituality practise warms your soul and what career is going to make your heart sing. You already know it anyway it's just a matter of learning to listen.

As one of my new mentors, Joshua Rosenthal put's it - "It's about helping you figure out for yourself how to get well, by yourself".



Let's face facts. Every now and again we need a gentle reminder to come out of the past/future/worry/fantasy and step into the now. Especially in this modern world where we have jobs (or two jobs, five jobs even!), friends, Facebook, boyfriends, ex boyfriends, dinner to cook, dry cleaning to pick up, gym memberships, oh, and that postcard I still need to take to post office. 

Which is exactly why I am starting a little side gig called Mindful Moments. A light and easy Instagram feed full of mindful reminders that I'll sprinkle over you throughout the day. These hand picked nuggets of gold will help to snap you out of the wherever and arrive in the present moment. 

β€œThe moment you realise you are not present, you are present. Whenever you are able to observe your mind, you are no longer trapped in it. Another factor has come in, something that is not of the mind: the witnessing presence.” 

So if your mind is full and you'd like to be more MINDFUL then click here for all the goodness. It only takes a moment!

HUG! xx


Guys, I have an announcement... It's officially official, I am becoming a health coach! A qualified and certified integrative nutrition & mental health coach to be exact. Go Figure.

The way we view and treat our mental health is OLD SCHOOL. There is still serious stigma around mental illness and open awareness is minimal in a society that is RIFE with it. Mental disease = physical disease, we all know the two of them are like besties.

From now forth, I am going to explore, experience and share everything to do with holistic wellbeing. Not only will I have my qualification but I am making it my mission to travel and learn from the west side as well as the east side (especially the east side), and get alllll up in that mind-body-soul stuff.

I am fiercly passionate and my long-term goal is to help raise awareness, marry nutritional and mental wellness and change the way that we look at 'health'.

School starts Monday and we all know what that means... NEW STATIONARY.

Love ya'll xx


With self awareness we have the power to completely smash our complacency into oblivion with a giant wrecking ball! It's just a matter flicking that switch and to looking inward at our limiting, fear based beliefs so that we can begin transforming them.

It might not happen over night and it doesn't have to. But once we start to shed a light on what isn't working in our lives we can start to take the steps (baby or giant steps - doesn't matter!) to change them.

Too simple, right? try it, we have to start somewhere!


I just had a lightbulb moment!

Do you have any area's in your life that are draining your soul,  dimming your light and bringing you down? I feel you, I did as well, oh boy did I ever! My personal story is not for now but instead, I want to share with you the simple shift in mindset that completely and absolutely changed my life - for the better.

You know what, suffering happens. It happens! And that is totally OK. More thank OK, I actually think it's AWESOME. Because being in 'suffering' can also, simultaneously mean that we are becoming AWARE of all those things that no longer make our hearts sing. And that awareness, my friend, is they AB-SO-LUTE key to ignition for the driving force that will launch you up and away from whatever dissatisfying place you may be in. Call it an awakening. An enlightenment. A quarter-life crisis - Whatever. 

No, it might not happen over night and it doesn't have to. But once we start to shed a light on what isn't working in our lives we can start to take the steps (baby or giant steps - doesn't matter!) to change them.

We have the power to let our 'suffering' completely smash our complacency into oblivion with a giant wrecking ball. It's just a matter flicking that switch and starting to look inward to see what's really pushing us over and what we can do to stand up again. Or maybe even stand up and start shaking it like back up dancer in a Beyonce video!

Too simple, right? Try it.

I can say with 100% confidence that I know, that YOU know,  that you are all kinds of A-MAZING. Even if that knowing is the smallest, weakest little flicker in the very depths of your tummy, it's there. So, let's start looking at our 'misfortunes' as fortunes because with no rain, their are NO flowers.

And I KNOW you like flowers.

HUG xx