Who am I? Well isn't that the million dollar question! I could say I'm just a normal person, but to tell you the truth, I'm not...

In fact, I'm constantly learning and growing as a person, but here's what I know about myself to date;

I'm a lover and do-er of many things, otherwise known as a multi-passionate. 

I'm completely fascinated with food, I'm talkin' everything and anything to do with food. I would read a nutritional science article over a Vogue any day. It's geeky.

I'm an entrepreneur. Constantly coming up with new, ambitious and most of the time 'crazy' ideas. 

I'm fiercely committed about sharing the road to wellness and shining a giant sunbeam on mental health. I'm here to lift the stigma around personal development and make self help COOL. 

I'm a shameless lover of hip hop and RnB circa 1994-2004. There is nothing that lights my fire more than a night of karaoke to Dilla, Tribe, or any J-lo & Jah-Rule collaborations.

In saying all this, I'm still a human. A mistake maker, and far from perfect. I have fears, insecurities and negative thought patterns that I battle against every day. Sometimes, I still loose the battle. But the difference between now and before is that I'm FIGHTING. My army is pretty cool too.

I am on a mission to explore, experience and share everything to do with holistic wellbeing. Not only will I have my qualification but I am also going to travel and learn from the west side as well as the east side (especially the east side), and get alllll up in that mind-body-soul stuff.

I am fiercly passionate and my long-term goal is to help raise awareness, marry nutritional and mental wellness and change the way that we look at 'health'.

A Brief History

New Zealand born. Australian raised. Traveled around the globe, more than once. Always danced. Studied Fashion. Worked in fashion. Left Fashion. Now a professional photographer. Based in Europe. Living in Love.